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Below are just a few of the interesting facts about Saint Augustine, Florida. I will be added more as further research is pending. I am sure that there are a lot of fascinating facts still to be discovered about this wonderful little fishing village of the south. Stop back from time to time to see additions to this site.

• St. Augustine, Florida is the oldest continuously occupied European established settlement in the continental United States.

• Ponce de Leon believed that his quest for the fountain of youth ended in St. Augustine.

• Castillo de San Marcos, a Spanish fort in St. Augustine, is one of the few structures in the world built from Coquina. (part limestone and sea shells).

• St. Augustine is noted as the first appearance of Florida oranges in 1579.
• In 1566 Martin de Arguelles was born as the first Spanish child in the Continental United States.

• It was founded by Pedro Menendez in 1565.

• The historic district has the country's oldest house, schoolhouse, jail, and store still standing.

• The oldest schoolhouse has a large anchor and chain around it to keep it safe from hurricanes.

• The Castillo De San Marcos was constructed by the Spanish to protect the city of St. Augustine from encroaching British colonies. It took 23 years to complete. The Castillo had been under the command of four different countries, but it was never taken by military force.

• The Mission of Nombre de Dios was founded in the City of St. Augustine in 1565. It was here that Menendez knelt to kiss a wooden cross held by the chaplain of his expedition.

• Some of the most noted buildings are the Government House (governor's residence, built 1713), Trinity Episcopal Church (1825), and the Basilica Cathedral of St. Augustine.

• Before the Bridge of Lions, an old wooden toll bridge built in 1895 served as the only access to Anastasia Island from downtown St. Augustine.

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